Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Studio Visit: Jen Garrido / Jenny Pennywood

Last month while in San Francisco, I visited Jen Garrido's studio. Jen is an amazing and talented painter who works in oil, acrylic, watercolor and gouache on wood panels and paper. Her color, process and results are stunning. Under the moniker, Jenny Pennywood, she creates napkins, tea towels and textiles which can be found at and select shops throughout the U.S.

Jen has custom work at Anthropologie and as Jenny Pennywood creates custom designs for events and weddings – including stationery, paper goods and textiles for the occasion. Having both Jen Garrido and Jenny Pennywood as outlets, she's able to balance both by having it all in the same studio – enabling her to paint and work digitally seamlessly. She also juggles life as an artist, designer, wife and mother (!) to Jemma who is 3. 

Currently inspired by the color blue, Jen also admires the work of fellow painters Amy Sillman, Philip Guston, Vera Neumann and more recently Keltie Ferris.

Up and coming are many exciting projects: a collaboration in the works, a new pattern for her textile collection and a new body of paintings. Can't wait!

Thank you so much Jen for opening your studio up! To quote her, it's a total "color bomb!" I loved just soaking it all in and had fun photographing the brightly lit studio filled with endless inspiration: textiles, paints, paints, even more paints, Jenny Pennywood designs, books and bins of goodies. We followed it up with a relaxing lunch at Serpentine. Just another reason to love San Francisco and all the rad people in the Bay Area.

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