Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Knotwork LA Pop-Up at MOCA Los Angeles

Beginning this Saturday July 19th through August 9th, Knotwork LA's beautiful ceramic and wood wares, home goods and little creatures (see cuties above) will be available at their Pop-Up in the Los Angeles MOCA Store on Grand Ave. (Yipee!!) The kick-off will be this Saturday from 3-5pm with the lovely creators and sweet couple, Linda Hsiao and Kagan Taylor on site. Their pieces always make for wonderful gifts to stock up on, but oh so good for yourself, too!

Linda and Kagan took some time to answer some questions about this month-long Pop-Up and their process:

Could you also tell me a bit about what's showing at the pop up?

Knotwork: We will be officially introducing Linda's Porcelain Inlay series in a variety of vases / vessels, large platters and small plates; as well as a large collection of our Creatures, a variety of our handmade wooden utensils and our wooden rattles.

How did the Knotwork LA Pop-Up at MOCA come to be?

MOCA's buyer saw a rattle postcard and came to our house for a visit and to buy some for the store and saw the rest of our work. She suggested a Knotwork LA Pop-up, we were happy to oblige!

Throughout your photography and the practical pieces you create, food seems to be an element when manifesting your work... What are you thinking of when you're creating the ceramic creatures, pottery and wooden objects?

Our work is focused on tools for living, specifically things we ourselves would use and find beautiful. Linda loves growing her own food and cooking and that combined with Kagan's need to spend every waking moment in his shop was what began the creation of our handmade wooden utensils.

Could you tell me about the phrase you have incorporated into your logo, "made in our spare time."

Made in our spare time is how Knotwork LA came to be.
We both have other careers, Linda as a freelance eyewear designer and Kagan as a design / build architect. Knotwork LA started from what we do outside of that, although it obviously draws from our professional experience and expertise. It is who we are – we simple enjoy making things and would be doing it anyways. Knotwork also suggests a certain intimacy with our products: they are things we make for gifts for our friends or as something we need. We don't look at the market and ask, "What is missing? What could we make money on?" We make these things because we like them and continue making them only as long as we enjoy that process. It is after all our spare time.

top photo by Conor Collins

Thanks so much Linda and Kagan!

July 19 - August 9
reception Saturday July 19th 3-5 pm
MOCA Store on Grand Ave  |  250 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012

all images courtesy of Knotwork LA

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