Friday, December 6, 2013

Inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid

Yesterday, Pantone unveiled their Color of the Year for 2014 as Radiant Orchid. From last year's Emerald green, they traveled the color wheel to the opposite end of the spectrum with an optimistic and light-hearted purple.

This song popped in my head as soon as I read Pantone's announcement yesterday morning: "The Purple Pill Eater" by The Wild Ones. I either have the 45 somewhere in my stacks or on a mixed tape lost in a box. Nothing like some early 60's British R&B to get your day going.

As a fan of pinky-purples, I prefer it with a mix of colors, less on it's own. I had so much fun putting together these Radiant Orchid inspired images. Not only are they visually intriguing, but the artists, designers, makers and bloggers behind them are fascinating. So, please do click through the sources. All of the photos below, the fun places where they were pinned from and a lot more overall inspiration can also be found on my Pinterest boards. 

#TheRadder: Inspired by Pantone's Radiant Orchid -1

I love Radiant Orchid paired with shades of other purples, additional hot + warm tones, golds and burnt sienna with lots of lights in creams and airy whisper pinks to giving it plenty breathing room. 

1. Penabranca, a tumblr based in Sâo Paulo, Brazil and filled with beautiful mystical inspiration  // 2. Borders & Frontiers scarf  // 3. Carly Margolis for the Silverlake location of Moon Juice, a cold pressed, organic juice and nut milk shop with another location in Venice  // 4. the brilliant Ernesto Neto's "Crazy Hyperculture in the Vertigo of the World" installation at Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (In September, I went into his Nomadic Womb Yurt for Doug's Station to Station. Hopefully one day I'll post pics from that, too.)  // 5. Parima Creative Studio's "Jackie" giclee print with soft canvas overlay and hand-painted gold glitter  // 6. Dee Dee Cheriel artwork  // 7. silk-screened poster of my favorite city, San Francisco by Lab Partners

#TheRadder : Inspired by Pantone's Radiant Orchid -2

One of my favorite palettes with this kind of purple is a mix of deep cosmic navy, inky night sky blues, pops of turquoise and greens with a blending of colors to evoke the feeling of dusk in the fall with free jazz. (p.s. David and I once sat next to Ornette Coleman at a restaurant in our old neighborhood Curry Hill, NYC. He was of course trés cool and very sweet when we asked him in awe if we was indeed himself.)

1. awesomely rich oil painting by German artist Theo Altenberg  // 2. British textile designer Nikki Strange's Midnight Birds print available at Society 6  // 3. Cosmic Band Bikini by Minnow Bathers from Need Supply via Sweet Thing  // 4. quilt drawing by Alyson Fox. The entire series (like everything else she does) is wonderful  // 5. 1930's Japanese Yuzen Dyeing Kimono Sample Book via Jenny Vorwaller, a talented painter in Seattle  // 6. Calla's Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection via Style Bubble  // 7. Argentinian art director, Kevin Cabuli's space-adelic tumblr // 8. African pattern print, Etsy  // 9. Fantastic as a shoe pop color, via They All Hate Us 

#TheRadder : Inspired by Pantone's Radiant Orchid -3
 All images have links to their source as none are originated from me.

And lastly, Radiant Orchid saturated and playful surrounded in a kaleidoscope of colors with grounding neutrals.   

1. Issey Miyake's Resort 2013 Collection // 2. "Cactus" print by milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre, a brilliantly beautiful line of scarves   // 3.  Book Design from 1959  // 4. Ashley Goldberg's crazy cool print  // 5. Steve Harrington for Incase, curated by Arktip. Along with his bad-ass artwork, many other amazing artists are in a super rad coloring book, Outside the Lines curated by Souris Hong-Porretta. (I have an illustration in there as well and am planning on writing another post on the book later)  // 6. bracelets by dullDiamond via Look at These Gems  // 7. James Joyce silkscreened poster via Luvocracy  // 8. dress, Akris  Spring / Summer 2009 Collection  // 9. Diela Maharanie illustration via Juxtapoz

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