Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fatigue

Today was a crawl-back-in-bed kind of Friday.

The original intent of this post was to write about motherhood-work-life balance. Joanna Goddard has some great posts about the juggle. Instead, as per usual, a series of things that take priority over the blog came about: eat, brush teeth, kids laundry, school volunteer work, work-WORK ... Then, even more distractions via Instagram and I happened upon this pic (above) posted by Mary Manning. Perfect summary of how I feel this morning! The image is from a series by Felix Weigand of rotary printed newspapers, "This Week" in 2007. Here's a quote about it.

Then to keep the procrastination rolling even more: I was listening to Desire Lines by Deerhunter on repeat, so I figured that I may as well look up the lyrics – and was happy with what I found as it seemed appropriate with my mood. The song also has a familiar Eno riff in there.... right? Needle In the Camel's Eye. I'm not crazy.

Sooooo, here's this rambling post instead! :) Thanks for sticking around.

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