Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lately . . .

In between days, you can find me on Instagram

 studio visit with the lovely Jennifer Parry Dodge of Ermie

my dirty stained glass 

been doing some Kumihimo weaving . . . trying it out with beads here

Stopped by & Pens in Culver City. Got crazy inspired by the amazing collection of books, shot the sh*t with rad owner Andrew, found out that their sister shop Needles & Pens is next door to my old San Francisco apartment on 16th x Guerrero and discovered that he's hubs / baby-daddy to Michelle Blade. Stop by before they shut their doors and head east. Luckily, we can expect pop-ups from them this summer! Art above left by Victoria Wagner

studio visit with the lady-who-can-pretty-much-do-anything, Tanya Aguiñiga

Recently, I've been neglecting the indoor bloggy side of things [read: photo editing, post and writing / run-on-sentencing-word-making-upping] and spending more time exploring. But now, NOW (finger in the air!) I'm gonna do my best to hunker down to focus on stained glass, design work and kids (in opposite order of importance). I'll also be trying to edit and post all my studio / class / shop visits. So please keep checking back – stuff will be up some point soon, I promise - including some of the goings ons from my Instagram above.

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