Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ojai Vibes + Deck the Halls at Ojai Rancho Inn

design by Nichole Berger

There are many, MANY reasons why I am stoked that Shelter Social Club is hosting a Holiday Pop Up at their Ojai Rancho Inn on Saturday, December 7th from 3-10 pm: 

Boob print via Gravel & Gold

• No. 1: All the artists and shops included in the Pop Up itself:
Gravel and Gold - a fantastic store in SF that Lena first introduced me to. The boob print: Love love love!
Beatrice Valenzuela - What can she not do: beautiful handmade shoes, co-founder of the Echo Park Craft Fair  (it started in her backyard!), a mama expecting #2 soon and now she just opened her new shop.
Black Crane  - womens line with lovely silhouettes
Alexander Yamaguchi - whose leather sandals I was spying on this summer, but unfortunately never got. Now the sizes left are too big for me.
Otherwild - another awesome store in LA I've been wanting to stop by. The ladies are also rad designers

It's so much awesomeness all in one place! I've listed only a few, see full list above.

• No. 2: An excuse for an overnight camping trip with the kids. El Capitan is a fun place that isn't camping, but rather "glamping." I haven't been there yet myself, but many friends and even my kids (who went on a group sons + fathers trip) recommend it!

Beatrice Wood photo by Jim Hair

•  No. 3: I'll get to check out these places:
Modern Folk Living - an "eco-boutique" carrying such brands as MattaCoral & TuskApolis and Heath Ceramics.
Summer Camp - a new (just opened this past weekend) creative space housed in an old gas station that carries vintage & new home goods and provides custom framing.
Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts - Beatrice is the amazing, amazing goddess of pottery. Many years ago, my husband, David had the fortune of hanging out with her in her studio. I can't even imagine!!! Check out this film on her, Mama of Dada.

•  No. 4: I'm stoked to see the work done in person by amazing artists that have graced the Ojai Rancho Inn. Just this one room itself is packed with several artists in one heavenly space: art above bed by All For The Mountain, light pendants by Heather Levine Ceramics, indigo dyed curtains by Lookout and Wonderland, printed peshtemal by Kylea Borges

All of the artists are amazing, and at the moment I can't post it all, so for now let's get our minds blown by two of them:

images via All for the Mountain

All For The Mountain is Carly Margolis. "My aesthetic explores the trans-dimensional psychedelic realm via mythical landscapes, color, humor, and uplifting New Age symbolism." Whoa. The colors, lines, shapes... intention... I can seriously feel the amazing vibrations just from these pics alone! She recently closed her community gallery, Sacred Door, but continues to curate, including a women-focused show that will no doubt be awesome. It opens January 16, 2014 at Dilettante, in Downtown LA. 

 images via Elena Stonaker

I know, like, what is this insane radness?! This meticulously hand-crafted wearable art is by Elena Stonaker. Her work won't be at Deck the Halls, but she's used the Ojai Ranch Inn's space as a temporary studio and she'll be in the art show at Dilettante. She also created Carly's wedding dress (top image). Elena's work is just so amazing, I had to share it! 

photo by Shelby Duncan

Truly, all this comes together because of Kenny Osehan and Chris Sewell who previously renovated The Presidio in Santa Barbara - now under new ownership. Currently, in addition to Ojai Rancho Inn, they also have Sama Sama restaurant and Agave Inn in SB and The Hamlet Inn in Solvang. 

all images via The Shelter Social Club unless otherwise noted

At the very least, I hope to get this tee-shirt!

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