Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Studio Visit: Heather Levine Ceramics

A couple weeks ago, I swung by Heather Levine's ceramic studio in Los Angeles, California for some hang time and photo snapping.

Not only is the finished product heavenly: at each stage, every hand-made piece unfolds its own beauty before the final stunning transformation unveils its individual personality.

Perfect complements to Heather's designs:
Wood Bench and Wood Lamp Bases by Matthew Rosenquist  |  Wood stool by Dewey Ambrosino (in the following photo)


Each wall hanging possesses a unique energy and is carefully balanced to hang so exquisitely. Many of these will be on exhibit from April to May at Esqueleto, jeweler Lauren Wolf's shop in Oakland.

Heather is currently working on a large scale (8 feet long!) commission to be installed in March for Gracias Madre, the newly opened West Hollywood Vegan Mexican restaurant and bar.

Thanks so much for the visit, Heather!

It was amazing being surrounded by her stunning collection of work, creative vibes, textures, colors, Beach House tunes... Pierre! It was also a major practice in restraint as I wanted it ALL - every single piece - for myself!

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