Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chaos Into Clarity: Re-Possessing a Funktioning Utopia

I first came upon Hassan Hajjaj's work when I was looking into the exhibit Chaos Into Clarity: Re-Possessing a Funktioning Utopia by the Sharjah Art Foundation in United Arab Emirates. It was a group show that just recently closed and included Hajjaj as well as the amazing textile artist Xenobia Bailey and filmaker / sculptor Zak Ové.

All this radical work in one space! I wish I was able to go in person. I'm in love with crochet art and am a fan of Bailey's mandalas / artwork in general. Also, I'm starting to do work in stained glass and find Ové's piece very inspiring.

images via Xenobia's blog, courtesy of the Sharjah Art Foundation

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