Friday, March 7, 2014

Platform Co-Op Pop-Up

Platform in Highland Park is killing it again. This time with the Platform Co-Op Pop-Up as a wonderful solution to support owner, Sarah Brady's maternity leave. I stopped by a few weeks ago when the Cheryl Cambras exhibit was up. Check back later when i share the next happening at Platform РCommunity Macram̩.

The Platform Co-Op Pop-Up is curated and run by ErmieCathy Callahan, Cheryl Cambras and See Real Flowers. It'll run through April and then a new Cooperative will take the helm.
Along with Platform's usual lovely lines like Ace & Jig, Agnes Baddoo, Heidi AndersonKristen Elspeth, and TW Workshop, are works by: Arc of LAB. Zippy & Co., Cathy Callahan, Cheryl Cambras, Emilie HalpernKat and Roger,  Maricolous TextilesMasami TsuchikawaMCR Projects, Ogaard Textile Work, See Real Flowers and more.

Platform  |  5027 York Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90042

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