Thursday, March 6, 2014

San Francisco in February

When I grew up in the Bay Area and lived in San Francisco, I was under the assumption that Spring sprung in February. Every day was straight rain in January. Then the next month, magic happened: grass turned from brown to green on the 280, magnolias opened, leaves sprouted new growth and sunlight transformed from winter white to its pre-summer golden springy hue. My reality check came in 1999 when I moved to New York City. There, February gets to your bones with a windchill of -1˚F (sometimes less) and by March, my body is in full-blown shock. Now we're in Los Angeles, and totally down with a season-less climate.

I love San Francisco in February – for all the reasons mentioned. Last month, we took a quick trip there. The photographs here are from one of our many fun days: a pizza play date with my cousin's kids in the Sunset (check out those ocean views!), a trip to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park and then a cozy dinner at our friend's home who recently moved back to SF from Brooklyn. 

Some of what I wish I had time for but didn't:

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Please check back as I will be posting more highlights from this trip: including a colorful studio visit with the multi-talented Jen Garrido, hang time and tea in the art and loved-filled family home of Kara Engelbrecht from Mothercraft Midwifery, a couple of rad shops and more.

And many thanks for sticking around. I haven't been able to post as much lately due to my design work, the kid's kooky schedules and a couple of photography + photoshop blog classes taught by some mighty fine ladies.

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