Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bailey Doesn't Bark x Helen Dealtry

Re Jin Lee of Bailey Doesn't Bark makes delicately gorgeous one of a kind ceramics. BDBxHD is a collaboration with the incredibly talented textile artist, Helen Dealtry. So breathtakingly beautiful and sweet. They put the collaboration online only a few hours ago and it's already all sold out.

I really was coveting this dotty series above – and luckily made it in time to purchase one. I rarely spend my pennies these days, but feel that this is certainly a keepsake I will treasure forever.

Each piece is hand made by Re Jin and then hand painted by Helen. The series is made up of jewelry holding pods, ring cones, bowls and little domes with holes to display your studs.

Equally beautiful are the jewelry by Fay Andrada and Odette NY; and the perfectly complementary florals are by Nicolette.

This went so fast, perhaps we'll be lucky enough for them to do another collaboration soon. Since both Helen and Re Jin have goods available separately and collaborate with others, there is always more room for more of their hand made art to be found in case you missed this one.

all images via BDBxHD

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