Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birthday Schmirthday!

Boom! Another one. How did that happen? Last year I wasn't so hot on the birthday and it took me 6 months to settle in. Now I'm ALL in, not taking myself too seriously and feelin' dyn-o-mite!

Like a Lisa Frank scrapbook, I slapped this dorkus thing together fast – comprised of pics since we've moved here: flowers from our yard, ocean sunsets (I did say dorky, laying the cheese on real thick, but hey we're getting those LA sunsets), stained glass, fire + metal (two elements I previously avoided b/c I thought it would never meld with my earth + wood leanings) and most importantly radiating positive thoughts of my family + friends.

Sending love, radical vibrations and goodness out there to everyone.

xo Sherise


  1. you make dorky look SOOOOOO coooool!!!! xoxo and radical vibrations right back atcha!