Friday, June 13, 2014

Herbal Medicine & Then Some Fair in Temescal Alley

Hey San Francisco Bay Area! This Saturday, June 14th in Temescal Alley, join Homestead Apothecary for the 2nd Annual Herbal Medicine and Then Some Fair. This local herbal community celebration will showcase practitioners, musicians, beekeepers, makers, herbalists, artists, chefs and many other crafts folk from Oakland and the Bay Area. For the full list of participants, see here.

One of my personal favorites will be Builders of the New Dawn, above right. Andrea carries a well-curated selection of vintage books and ephemera, specializing in Countercultural and Subcultural movements of the 20th Century but also including Classic & Avant Garde Literature and the quirky & offbeat. (perfect!)

Some of the goodies carried in the Homestead Apothecary shop

 Tinctures made by Nicholas Weinstein, owner of Homestead Apothecary

photos of Homestead Apothecary from my visit last fall

I wish I could be in town for the Fair, but wow, Saturday has A LOT going on here in LA!

2nd Annual Herbal Medicine and Then Some Fair
hosted by Homestead Apothecary
Saturday, June 14th 11am - 3pm
free and open to the public

additional photos courtesy of Homestead Apothecary

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