Friday, June 13, 2014

Morgan Peck at Jancar Jones

The first solo exhibition of ceramicist Morgan Peck will open this Saturday with an evening reception at Jancar Jones Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles. New works will be featured including a variety of large and small-scale sculptures, some functional and some not.

"Peck's whimsical and engaging sculptures are the result of a process that is oriented heavily toward play and experimentation. Built as though with blocks, Peck allows her works to evolve as they take form. In some cases, her sculptures are a result of a stream of consciousness, while in others Peck utilizes a more premeditated, modular approach. She suspends hard-edged shapes and planes in space, using architectonic forms – the column, the I-beam, the tilt-slab – to imply the monumental while allowing the works to ruffle, teeter and flex. She balances heavy construction with an adept use of negative space and a subtle almost fragile surface texture."

Peck's work gives nods to Memphis, Bauhaus, Art Deco and more obviously the "forms of Venetian glass and the splotchy surfaces of 19th century sponge-ware. She moves through these references with a modest, considered and decidedly modern touch."

Above is a sneak peek from my studio visit this week to Morgan's lovely Los Angeles studio – surrounded by a well-tended vegetable garden, cacti and wispy lavender.

Morgan Peck : New Works
opening reception Sat June 19th 6-9pm
on view through July 19, 2014
Jancar Jones Gallery  |  1031 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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