Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Here Is Me : Debbie Carlos + Cortney Cassidy

Here Is Me is a photo collaboration by Debbie Carlos and Cortney Cassidy, published by CCOOLL. There will be a one-night event at City Limits Gallery in Oakland celebrating the release of this zine, which was created by the photographers conversationally responding to each other's photos and slowly building a dialogue of images. 

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 above images courtesy of Debbie

Debbie Carlos is a photographer, jeweler and runs an online shop of beautifully printed posters and ephemera of her work and other artists. She was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Manila, Philippines and came back to the states to study psychology at Clark University in Massachusetts and photography at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. I had the opportunity to do a studio visit (and awesome day of fun with her and Meghan Bogden Shimek of Native Textile) in Michigan earlier this summer and will posting that in the future.

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above images courtesy of Cortney

Cortney Cassidy is a visual designer, artist, photographer, musician and amateur writer in Oakland, CA. She is a founder CCOOLL, a part-time design studio focused on collaborative projects with a community of internet friends. I met her (left below) at Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair with Lynda (right below) of La Motocyclette – super rad independent publication on the new wave of female motorcyclists.

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published by CCOOLL, prints and copies of the zine will be available for purchase
book release and gallery show (one night only) : Friday, July 11th, 7-11pm

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