Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tehya Shea + Janelle Pietrzak : Woven Secrets, Textural Dreams at BellJar

Tomorrow, Friday July 18th, San Francisco's BellJar will be unveiling new ethereal weavings by Tehya Shea and Janelle Pietrzak with "Woven Secrets, Textural Dreams." Each piece is one-of-a-kind, hand woven with love and affection by these amazing women. The opening party is tomorrow night at the shop from 6–9 pm with the works on display and available for purchase for a month. 

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Tehya is a multidisciplinary artist with deep roots in the foothills of northern California in the old gold rush town of Nevada City, Ca. In childhood she began to experience and understand the attraction and importance of textile arts. Always drawn to pattern and texture, visual aesthetic informed her path from the very beginning. Influenced by her various homes in the west: Colorado, New Mexico, California, she has developed her craft in the spirit of the pioneers from the past, the constant searchers. 

In her recent work she has come home. This is evident in the way that she weaves together her stories, instincts and collected memories into textural landscapes of reflection and transformation. Letting the imperfections of being human flow, Tehya allows for the wild and untamed to inform her creations. She takes the scattered, torn and forgotten and gently brings them together into a graceful and cohesive whole that pays homage to, and even requires, the inherent flaws of the individual pieces. The balance of dark and light, the honesty of rough and delicate gives permission for imperfection to be honored as beauty. Tehya's history reflects a deep connection to the natural world, mysticism and magic. 

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Janelle is a Los Angeles textile artist, working under the name All Roads. After 10 years in the fashion industry, she is now a full time artist. Her work is a nod to the nostalgic fiber art of the mid-century, but with unique color combinations and materials. All Roads is a creative workshop and textile studio in Los Angeles and is a culmination of past experiences and a collective of skill sets. Carpentry, welding, sewing and weaving are trades combined to solve design challenges and create objects and spaces.

opening reception Friday July 18th,  6-9pm
on exhibit through mid August
Bell Jar  |  3187 - 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

all images courtesy of the artists and BellJar

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