Monday, July 21, 2014

The Timelessness of Motherhood

Today is my youngest, Reed's 5th birthday. I sigh because he will be starting kindergarten this fall and currently is in summer camp with "big" kids. All of which, undoubtedly, he totally digs. For all birthdays in our family (mine included!), we begin our mornings with a special sweet treat stocked with candles. Above is Reed's cupcake from our local bakery – which he already laid into before the candles went in, thus the schmutz around his mouth.

You may have seen this article floating around on HuffPo or Mashable via Facebook and it was perfect to see today: a Monday that I'm feeling particularly wistful about my youngest losing his baby qualities.

83-year old photographer Ken Heyman discovered in an old storage facility, "stashed inside dozens of old boxes hundreds of vintage prints and thousands of slides from assignments and books Heyman had done throughout his career. In one box was a folder marked “Mothers.” Many of these photographs were done for a book Heyman created with anthropologist Margaret Mead in 1965 called Family, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize the same year."

all photos by Ken Heyman

Needless to say, motherhood transcends cultural boundaries as well as time.

Huffington Post gave some funny quotes on Motherhood. Here's a couple:
"Mothers are all slightly insane." - J.D. Salinger
"If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?" - Milton Berle

My mother-in-law told me that as a mom, I would love this little being in a way that I had never felt before, and that it will feel so overwhelming and truer than anything else. She is right. Today is also my birthing day of my son.

Now I'm off to shirk work and other duties to whip up some old school rice krispie treats for his buddies at camp . . . which also reminds me about this piece that the Of A Kind gals brought up "on the Millenial take on 'homemaking'" and how it "draws an interesting line between femininity in the 1950s and today."

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